Based in Cambodia, Imported Globally


Khunaco Investment Group have mobilized a distinguished resources to found a leading investment firm with an international standard, to provide innovative financial products, pharmaceutics, Agribusiness and Property development.

We are diversity of people focused on customer satisfaction with a shared spirit of:

Leadership: Building on Khunaco pioneering culture
Agility: Our ability to evolve in an ever-changing environment
Dynamism: The focused energy of our people to drive Khunaco forward


Based in Cambodia, one of the fastest economic growth in Asia-Pacific Khunaco Investment Group have missions as:

  • Our business credibility will always be inspired from international standard
  • Our financial products & services target all Cambodian rural life who’s need a real help on term on micro loan and budget to develop their business and life.
  • Bring the best pharmaceutics products to Cambodia, and improve the health quality
  • Improve rural development by our best user friendly Agribusiness products.
  • Experiences, Expertise and Management.